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Here is a small guide on an easy and somewhat quick method to ground. But what is grounding? Grounding in the most basic terms is balancing yourself with the Earth's help, or aligning yourself with the Earth's energy. This is not the only method, of course, but it is an easy one to get you started. Grounding has many uses, including help with meditation, emotions, energy, negativity, and more. So, here is how to do it.

1. Sit or stand with your feet touching the ground. It does not have to be on dirt, grass, etc., but it does help.

2. Breathe deep and relax. Take a slow breath, hold, then release slow. Continue this until you feel you are ready to move onto step 3.

3. Imagine now roots extending from your feet into the ground and taking root into the earth. Imagine them stretching down, more and more into the earth.

4. Now imagine clean energy coming from the earth, up the roots, and into you. Imagine it going throughout your body. Keep breathing deeply, allowing it to spread. 

5. Have the energy cleanse you and get rid of all the negativity and "dirt". Allow the clean energy to take it back down the roots into the earth to be purified. Do this as long as necessary.

6. When you feel you have done as much as you need/want to do, let all the energy from the earth leave, then imagine the roots going back up into your body. Either conitnue to meditate or come out of it. 

That is all there is to it for this method. Depending on how long you wish to take, it can go from 5 minutes to as long as you like. Hope this helps!

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By Atcero
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