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A list of stores where you can get an array of items.

Basic Supplies. Most or all have Tarot Cards, Runes, Herbs, Altar Supplies, Mortals&Pestles, Oils, Athames, Cauldrons, Statues, etc.
Azure Green
Eye of HorusMoon's Light Magic
Tabularasa Bewitching Supplies
The Guiding TreeVTWiccan


AleHorn | Drinking Horns

Grimfrost | Sells a variety of items based on Norse culture and lore

Handfaste | Statues, Jewelry, etc.

KykvendiLT | Items in Bronze

Lady BuckThorn | Boxes

Sons of Vikings | Jewelry

Norne Woven | Pelts (Has Norse, Celtic, and Wicca Designs)


Stachura Wholesale Gemstones

The Tempest Crystals 


Brandon John Luthiery | Lutes

Furries | Bones, Pelts, Etc.

Lederherr Design Group | Leather Products

Love Life Wood | Wooden Shelves (Has Celtic, Norse, and Like Designs)

Magus Books | Books

Mountain Rose Herbs | Bulk Herbs

Sacred Wild Ways | Woodburned Items

Skull Store | Bones

Unusual Seeds | Seeds from around the world

Atcero Jan 31

Here is a small guide on an easy and somewhat quick method to ground. But what is grounding? Grounding in the most basic terms is balancing yourself with the Earth's help, or aligning yourself with the Earth's energy. This is not the only method, of course, but it is an easy one to get you started. Grounding has many uses, including help with meditation, emotions, energy, negativity, and more. So, here is how to do it.

1. Sit or stand with your feet touching the ground. It does not have to be on dirt, grass, etc., but it does help.

2. Breathe deep and relax. Take a slow breath, hold, then release slow. Continue this until you feel you are ready to move onto step 3.

3. Imagine now roots extending from your feet into the ground and taking root into the earth. Imagine them stretching down, more and more into the earth.

4. Now imagine clean energy coming from the earth, up the roots, and into you. Imagine it going throughout your body. Keep breathing deeply, allowing it to spread. 

5. Have the energy cleanse you and get rid of all the negativity and "dirt". Allow the clean energy to take it back down the roots into the earth to be purified. Do this as long as necessary.

6. When you feel you have done as much as you need/want to do, let all the energy from the earth leave, then imagine the roots going back up into your body. Either conitnue to meditate or come out of it. 

That is all there is to it for this method. Depending on how long you wish to take, it can go from 5 minutes to as long as you like. Hope this helps!

Atcero Jan 9 · Rate: 5

Here is a quick guide on how to smudge! Smudging can be used for a variety of things such as a general cleansing of negativity, spirit banishment, and purification. 

It is best to use white sage, but if you cannot use that, lavender, red cedar (eastern juniper), or sweetgrass. Note: sweetgrass is also used for making a sacred space. Here are the steps:

1. Light smudge stick on fire. If the flame does not go out, put it out till it is just smoldering.

2. Wave the smoke around and/or through your area, room, home, yourself, objects, etc. to purify them. Have positive thoughts and a clear intention of your goal. If it also helps, visualize the smoke cleansing negativity away.

3. If necessary, use something to direct the smoke. This can be a feather, your hand, a fan, etc.

4. Put the smudge stick out completely when finished or let it burn up. 

Some may bury it after or reuse the smudge stick. Whatever works for you is best. With that, some may like to chant when doing it. Whatever feels right for you when doing this is more than okay: it is your ritual in a sense. Change it to whatever suits your needs!

This is just a simple beginners guide, so when you get more comfortable doing it, you can try out many different methods to get the results you want. Also, people like to use abalone shells or heat resistant holders to set their sage on. Just be careful as you are using fire in this.

Hope this guide helps!

Atcero Dec 8 '17 · Rate: 5 · Tags: purification, cleansing, smudge, ritual, cleanse, purify
For those of you who know what it's like to lose someone dear to you, you know the torment that it brings. Even if that someone is seemingly unimportant to someone else, it's still a painful loss that can be difficult to fight through. Recently, I lost my parakeet who was a beloved friend and also my familiar. His name is Angel.

I say "is" because I know that he is still with me. He still follows me and guides me. While his body is no longer living, his soul continues to linger at my side, sitting on my shoulder, nibbling on my hair or my earlobe, and making his little parakeet noises. I've had the pleasure not if finding him, but of him finding me.

About seven or eight years ago, my mother and I had gone to a pet store because I had wanted a new pet. My cat had died, and I wanted something that could fill the void that made its home in my heart. It was then, as I was looking at the parakeet cage, I saw him. He was so cute and playful and it made me smile. Then, suddenly, something echoed in my head. "Hi! Hello! I'm Angel!" I wondered what it was for a moment until I found myself getting lost in the sensation, and it was then I knew where it was coming from. That same little baby budgey with feathers that reminded one of the sky had been speaking to me. I knew he was the one for me. And so we bought him as well as his cage.

It's odd to think now that I bought him. I would rather say that I adopted him, but he came from a pet store, not a shelter. And ever since then he's been my close friend. He was so smart and cute and funny. He loved to dance to music, he loved the little bell toy we got him, and he was one of the brightest lights of my life. Then, about a year and a half ago, he stopped taking care of himself.

His favorite thing to eat was millet, and unfortunately that isn't the most nutritious thing for a bird to eat. It was pretty much the equivalent of eating sweets all the time, something he and I had in common. And because of this high millet diet and because he suddenly stopped maintaining himself, his beak and his nails grew very long very quickly. There had to be almost monthly visits to the vet to get his beak trimmed. We but him on vitamins powder to try and get some nutrients in his system so his beak didn't grow as fast. But, in the end it wasn't enough...

On Tuesday, October 24th, I found him at the bottom of his cage WOTH his head tucked into a corner. He had died in his sleep. I was mortified and completely lost in anger and tears. I was so full of denial that I questioned that maybe this was all just a bad dream. "This isn't happening," I told myself. "It has to be a lie!" But it wasn't a lie. It happened, and for the next three days all of my joy and sincerity was lost.

I had trouble deciding what to do. Should I cremate him? Should I bury him? I didn't like the idea of a burial. I felt he was too good for that. The idea of his body decomposing under a pile of dirt didn't sit well with me. Not to mention I have intentions of moving, and I didn't want to leave him behind. I considered cremation, and for a time that was my decision for him, but as I would sit and think about it something inside me told me that that wouldn't do for him either. Something told me that he deserved something better. Something that wouldn't necessarily destroy his body. I thought of methods of preservation. I went to a store that I had been to once. The people there are amazing, and after some discussion we finally decided on how to handle his body. Now, he will always have a vessel to come back to when he needs one. He will be back in 2 weeks.

Alicia Oct 27 '17
For the hopeless and the dying

For the bleeding beating hearts

For the mothers that can't stop crying

For the blood that crossed the stars

And though you may lay dying

We all know you can't be lying

About the pain and the people fighting

To bring the world back to the start

Let me sing you a song

Let me right what I've done wrong

Listen and let me show you

That things can be better

I may not be a god

I may not be a devil

I may not be a king

But I will tell you a tale

This tale so ancient and forgotten

A song that has been lost in time

This fantasy, this prophecy

Of a new world come to life

The age is upon us to change

The time has come to step up to the plate

The world is dying, my friends

Who will join me in in this great fight for our lives?

This is nothing about race, religion, or sex

This is not a fight for survival

This is the beginning of a new dawn

To bring about the world's revival

A new time awaits us

A bright light in the dark abyss

It is the purpose of my quest

My need to bring about eternal peace

A peace so everlasting and true

A peace for not me, but you

A serenity that's almost new

For you, and you, and you, too

Let us sing you a song

Let us undo all our wrongs

You are much more than pawns

You are our children, and you belong


I was bored, felt like writing a poem. lol

Alicia Sep 13 '17 · Tags: poetry, poem, magick, future, peace

Across the great plains,

Of a cold field.

Where wrapped in chains,

He must be healed.

He lays silently,

His mind in flight.

He breathes too quietly,

He is losing the fight.

A chilled old lady,

turning to ice.

Although he was shady,

She seemed to be nice.

The man she spotted,

Still chained to the ground.

He wasn't quite rotten,

Into a mound.

She wandered nearby,

to the man near dead.

Refusing to die?

She quietly said.

She the quickly cleared out,

Knife in his head.

With hardly a shout,

He lay there dead.

Imp Jul 24 '17

This is a small guide to get you started in the right direction if you want to try lucid dreaming but have no idea where or how to start.

There are some guides out there that tell you to meditate, keep a log of your dreams and even buy a special light that supposedly helps to induce a lucid dream.

You dont need any of that.


The following might take some time but it works for me, it should work for others aswell.

Lay down on your back and relax, close your eyes and just stare into the dark. Try not to think of anything and simply accept any thought that comes to mind. Now carefully imagine a road but do not force the road to show up, simply let it appear in front of you.

If you manage to get the road in front of you, start following it. Just keep following it and go where ever the road wants to go, do not force the road to go anywhere. It may take some time to keep the vision of the road going but take all the time you need, start over as many times as you need to, the end result is worth it.

Keep following the road and forget about your body.. heck, forget you even exist, only the road exists. Keep following it and carefully try to make the road go up/down, left/right. If you manage to make the road go where you want it to go without forcing it, keep playing with the vision of the road, make turns whenever you want, enter tunnels or cross bridges, keep the road going.

Only the road exists, relax, keep the road going untill you fall asleep. The road is the only thing that exists and you’re following it. Know that the road exists, know that whatever happens you don’t want to leave the road. You will fall asleep, you will still be on the road.

you will be dreaming, you will be on the road.

You will be in control of the road.

You will be in control of the dream.

Now it’s time to leave the road, it’s time to start exploring, it’s time to do everything you can’t do in real life.

Remember, it’s just a dream.

H Jul 24 '17 · Tags: lucid dreaming